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When you ask someone whose a felon or ex-offender, what’s their biggest regret…most times they will tell you they regret not finishing school or not going to college. And honestly, do you blame them?…even I wish I had finished college. But just like people have told me, I’m going to tell you…it’s never too late to get back in school. Because it’s hard to make ends meet when you have a criminal background. But no worries I’m about to give you a list of scholarships that are at the palm of your hands, right now.

Now when you have a record it may be hard to pay bills…or to even get a job that will help you pay the bills. And the cost of living in today’s society ain’t no hoe I tell you.

When I got caught up in some bs in Fulton County, these cops sent my little ass straight to Rice Street Jail. I had never been in trouble in my life and I’m not about to sit here and tell you I wasn’t afraid…Shoot, I cried like a straight punk lol. And the guards were like, “Whyyy are you in here Shell?? You don’t belong in a place like this!” lol smh. It wasn’t funny then but when I think about it now…I still don’t think that shit is funny. However, there was this one guard…I forgot her name. She helped me get through those two days…I swear, she deliberately worked for two days straight to make sure I was safe. All the while, giving me a speech every other hour, but one thing she told me that stuck to me was, when I get out to take that experience and use it to help. And if you’re reading this black queen…I thank you. Okay, so with that being said let’s get this moneyyy.

Alright, some scholarships are small, but small money is better than no money *shrugs,* Some scholarships will help pay for books for a semester while other scholarships will help pay for a term of tuition or even a “full-ride” of college which will literally pay for everything.

Now you have:

Benjamin and Patricia Allen Scholarship

The Benjamin and Patricia Allen Scholarship is a $1,000 payment offered for students who are the very first of their family to go off and attend a university. This unique scholarship is not limited only to felons, however, since statistically many felons come from underprivileged backgrounds, often it is felons who receive these monies. Donors include various businesspersons who tend to look for students in a business-related degree category. To apply click here —> 

Jeremy Gordon’s Commitment to Change College Scholarship

The Law Office of Jeremy Gordon offers its Commitment to Change College Scholarship four times a year, with the hopes of setting prior convicts on a better path. In fact, even convicts who are currently serving their sentence may apply and use the benefits, as long as they are working towards a degree while in prison. The scholarship is geared towards those attending Adams State University. to apply follow this link —->

Now those scholarships listed above was to give you a clear understanding on how things work. By all means if you come across other opportunities at scholarships do not hesitate to apply. No matter how big or small the scholarship is, APPLY ON! 🙂

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