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Proposed bill would make marijuana legal in entire state of Georgia

http/clip/14095416/proposed-bill-would-make-marijuana-legal-in-entire-state-of-georgia NORCROSS, GA (CBS46) - There is a new proposal to legalize marijuana in Georgia for the entire state. Right now, the bill is going through the State Senate. When it comes to marijuana, we know attitudes are changing. In October, Atlanta decriminalized small amounts of marijuana in the city, ...
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What To Wear In A Courtroom

Y'all, I know I have court March 6 and I'm scared as hell lol. I don't know what they will say or how this will go. I've never been to court...well, besides the traffic tickets lol. Since I have a baby face I need my clothes to fit the bill ...
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It’s Happening — D.A.R.E. Ends Anti-Weed Campaign, Quietly Removes Pot from Gateway Drug List

Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells, save the lives of countless epileptic children, treat PTSD, heal bones, treat brain trauma, and a slew of other uses science is only beginning to understand. And yet, the only thing dangerous about this seemingly miraculous plant is that police will kidnap, cage, or kill you for ...
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When you ask someone whose a felon or ex-offender, what's their biggest regret...most times they will tell you they regret not finishing school or not going to college. And honestly, do you blame them?...even I wish I had finished college. But just like people have told me, I'm going to ...
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Okay, so if you're here, I'm sure you've read my article on starting over as a felon, right? If not, you may want to. It's some good shit in that article. Click here to read it ----> <----- Lets continue shall we. As stated before Pell grants are available to most ...
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It's no secret that African Americans make up 13% of the U.S. population, yet for some reason statistics show that we make up 35% of jail inmates and 37% of prison inmates. According to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), African Americans constitute nearly 2.3 million ...
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