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My name is Tiana and I want to help you.

Let’s start off with the questions that I get asked A Lot! “What is the New Black Network?” And “What do you do with it?
In a nutshell…it’s a platform of resources and networking opportunities. This blog/vlog/website is here to help the people who are faced with many obstacles and adversities in life, it’s for those who are trying to get ahead, but just don’t know where to start. The New Black Network is for the single moms, entrepreneurs, college students, felons or people with a criminal record (yes, you read that right), the homeless, the working….ANYONE!

Then there’s Me….

Me? I’m a solo-preneur who has tried to start every business you can think of. I love reading, technology, hell I love to learn!
I am NOT perfect….at all. But I will keep it real with y’all. I was born and raised in a trap house. I’m a divorced single mom, I ran off and married my first love at the tender age of 18.
We have two girls together, who I’m going to call Butterfly (6yrs old) and Ladybug (5yrs old). I love my girls! ???‍?‍?❤

I’m also pregnant with my 3rd and last baby who is also a girl.

I’ve been homeless and I currently have multiple charges I’ve been arrested for, but have not went to court for. Judge me if you want I don’t give a damn.

If you’re looking for a blogger who’s surrounded by flowers and wakes up everyday walking on clouds and kart wheeling towards the sun. You’re going to be mad, because I am not that woman. I go through real life shit lol. But that is why I started this blog, because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. It’s already hard trying to make a decent life, but when you have an arrest record, people treat you like a criminal even if you haven’t been convicted. So, no I’m not your ordinary blogger. I know how it feels to fight to stay afloat, only to be dragged back into the deep in.
But fuck all of that, I’m here to help US get out and fly again. Life can be crazy but everything is going to be alright! It’s up to you to change it. And as you continue to follow my blog/vlog/site you’ll get to know more about the New Black Network and my story.

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